Hot Chip have always been more than just a dance band. Where other bands are happy just to mine the same seam over and over (Hot Chip pun intended), they have always worked to make work that is both intelligent and body-shatteringly danceable; equally happy making one of the best albums of 2010 or writing ‘Ready for the Floor’ for Kylie Minogue (even if they did end up keeping it). And now they’re back with a new song. ‘Flutes’, the first single from their forthcoming album ‘In Our Heads’. And it’s awesome.

According to the band they’ve been heavily influenced by 12″ singles from the ’80s….no, come back! It really works in their hands, with the staples of 80s dance remixes (drum machines, , vocal sampling, bass à la ‘Blue Monday’) coming together to make something beautiful, held together by Alexis’ voice, one of the most interesting voices in pop music today. Hear it below.

Also, see the video, which is perhaps the most dizziness-producing piece of film not to have been made for a psychological experiment;

‘In Our Heads’ out June 11th on Domino Records. 


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