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basquiat-1996-04-g[1]If my review of the V&As ‘David Bowie is…’ show has left you wanting some sound (and vision) from the great man himself, here’s five songs to satisfy your Saturday cravings:

The Man Who Sold the World
If a song can survive the dark melancholy of Nirvana and the high-camp of Lulu unscathed, it just has to be a classic! Plus, its 1979 SNL performance shows Bowie at his controlled theatrical best.

The performance that broke a million girl’s hearts, and showed a million boys a whole new side of themselves, as Space Oddity got sexy, and all the children boogied.

Station to Station
As well as featuring perhaps the best first line in all of music with “the return of the Thin White Duke, throwing darts in lovers’ eyes”, it is terrifyingly good as Bowie seamlessly moves from Kraftwerk to a sort of berserk soul.

Sound & Vision
Although its album (‘Low’) trod darker territory, its lead single is a thrilling avant-garde almost-pop song – it’s a typical pop three minutes long, but starts with a 90-second introduction. One of the weirder songs ever to hit the top five.

Ashes to Ashes
Although the credit of ‘last essential Bowie song’ tends to go to Let’s Dance, the last great single in his ‘classic’ period must be this, as Bowie ties up the Major Tom story surrounded by the freaks he invented. Plus, he has to be the sexiest clown there ever was…

Saying that, though, all this talk of his ‘classic’ period feels unfair to an artist who’s been consistently creative (if we conveniently forget the entire late eighties…). So here’s five more classics from his ’90s and ’00s canon:


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