(Published on ARTSCLASH)

As Nicki Minaj increasingly becomes a mass-produced version of herself, it’s good to have Lauryn Hill back to slap some sense into lazy rappers who’ve picked the easy pop route. Especially with a song far better than one might expect from an artist who hasn’t had a single in 10 years, and has had to rush-release it following ‘legal deadlines’. But then, if David Bowie has taught us anything, maybe it’s the year of comebacks after a decade….

It’s like post-war, they looking for the commenters or who the markets is
Ten thousand pictures on Facebook, it’s like the pot callin’ the kettle narcissist
Come on really, sayin’ it’s the devil, but you’re the chief arsonist.

It’s mad, but it’s up there with Azealia’s #YUNGRAPUNXEL as a rap song of the year so far…


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