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Spotify_nick_cave[1]Just as you think Spotify, the go to place for discovering amazing music (and bizarre piano covers) can’t get any better they’ve just gone and released this, the Nick Cave playlist generator. Downloadable from their apps page, it splits all of the Cave of Doom’s (as I imagine he calls himself) discography into ten categories, which you can then pick two and it’ll make you up a playlist along those lines of Birthday Party, Bad Seeds and Grinderman songs.

So if you have a craving for confessional murder and mayhem, or a real hankering after songs about comic sex, just spin that wheel and you can be listening to the Mercy Seat before you know it (probably not if you put in ‘comic sex’ though: the song is many things but it’s not that…). Basically, it’s a brilliant way to delve into the excellent but lengthy back catalogue of the Cave.

In fact, it’s such a good idea that every artist should be represented by a wheel, separating the artist’s work into easy categories for playlisting. I imagine it would look a bit like this…

The Rolling Stones (or really any great ’60s band…)

stones wheelIt’s a great pub game: name an artist or band from the ’60s and ’70s that made a decent album in the ’80s. The Who didn’t manage, as didn’t Zeppelin or Floyd (and the less said about Bowie’s ’80s the better), but the worst culprits are definitely the Stones. Almost Icarus-like, they got closer and closer to the sun until they were totally burnt out and looked like this. The horror. If only we could just paint their ’80s black (thankyouI’mhereallweek).

Ed Sheeran/Mumford and Sons (or really anyone who’s won a Brit Award in the last three years)

Because there’s only so many times you can hear about authenticity, or hear a faux-inspirational Sandé song before you want to stab someone in the eyes (but with a real sense of passion and dedication). At least this way you have to admit that what you’re listening to is MOR focus group-tested arsegravy…

Michael Bublé

bublewheelAnyone who can tell the difference between his songs is a better man than me.

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