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DSCF1023 web Bristol is probably best known for three things: being the real-life setting of both Casualty and Skins, and for being largely built on slave trade money. But don’t let that unholy trinity put you off, for it’s also one of Britain’s coolest places to be.

This is especially true when it comes to street art. As well as being the home of Banksy, Bristol is run by a council who don’t take the Scooby-Doo-style  ‘I’ll get those meddling kids’ approach to street art, but for the most part welcome it. This has resulted in Nelson Street, a previously bleak area of Bristol dominating by an abandoned court and a car park becoming the See No Evil gallery, one of the most interesting and beautiful streets in the country.

So as well as providing as with ‘compelling’ medical drama of a Saturday evening (well, until it was stolen by Cardiff…) they’ve solved ugly streets forever. Well done, Bristol. Well done.

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