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Like me, I’m sure a lot of you are postgraduates or have just graduated and are looking for some way to survive in the real world. I know how difficult it can be, and so I have teamed up with the excellent Postgrad.com, the number 1 site for European Postgrad Courses. I have written advice blogs helping students to do everything, from cooking for yourself, how to save money, how to navigate a new city and how to learn the rules of Muggle Quidditch (it’s just as bizarre as it sounds!). To read these blogs, please follow the links to take you to their excellent blog, and happy student-ing!

If there are any other aspects of student life you want to see covered by me, leave me a comment here or @s_spencerwrites at Twitter.

students studying back to back

Joining Societies: Not Just for Fresher’s Week

The greatest piece of university advice you’ll ever get? Join a society. Uni life without groups and societies isn’t really uni life at all, and you’re seriously missing out on any number of connections, experiences and skills that are pretty much guaranteed to set you above others in the workplace, especially in competitive areas like media or law. Just because you might have missed out on these experiences on your first time in university, does not mean that these opportunities aren’t available to you now you’re a postgrad.

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Student Saving Tips: Swear Jars and Other Ideas

To paraphrase from those great Swedish philosophers ABBA, ‘Money money money, must be funny, if you’re not facing debts in the tens of thousands and the prospects of living on white label soup for the conceivable future’. However, being more proactive about how you save can help prevent some of these money worries, and stop every spontaneous invitation to Nando’s from feeling like ‘Sophie’s Choice’. We’ve covered inventive ways to fund a masters degree before, but here are a few more quick fixes for your finances:

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4 1/2 Hilarious (But Safe) Student Pranks

Sneaking on to your housemate’s Facebooks is all well and good, but it’s a little 2009, isn’t it? Our Facebook walls have been so inundated with fake ultrasound scans, bizarre confessions and interests you just know your friends never had that we notice it pretty quickly now. This means that the self-respecting uni prankster has to get old school in their pranking with some familiar favourites next time a flatmate needs to be taken down a peg or two…or down an entire pegboard.
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Get Crafty With Your Revision

It has widely been discredited as an effective revision method for the majority of us, and yet still come revision time all we can think to do is take a pile of books, a large notepad, and just read through a year’s work, taking notes until we have a mental breakdown sometime around 3am. We all have terrible experiences of this, and many of the world’s great geniuses past and present agree with us that this is not a good way to create or remember anything. Jay-Z, modern genius author to such era defining tunes as ‘’03 Bonnie & Clyde’, for example, never writes his rhymes down before entering the recording studio, preferring instead to keep his ‘memory muscles’ honed. And on the most extreme end of things, serial inventor Yoshiko Nakamatsu (holder of 3,000 patents including one for the floppy disk) finds that his best ideas come when he is seconds away from death by drowning.

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Postgrad Careers: Finding an Uncommon Niche

I first thought about uncommon jobs when out shopping one day. If there’s one thing that makes living off Sainsbury’s Basics food better, it’s the incredible self-deprecating captions all the products have on them, which basically say ‘I’m pretty terrible, but I’ll do’. For example, the caption on the plums I have in my fruit bowl say ‘no lookers, great cookers’. One day as I reached for the Basics grated cheese, I had a sudden revelation; it must actually be someone’s pretty much full-time job to write these, and that there may be some genius copywriter out there spending his days writing these hilarious lines, someone who has found their tiny niche in a huge field and is excelling in it.

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