My time as Postgrad.com’s resident blogger continues, and will continue until there’s not a single surreal corner of the university experience I haven’t touched upon. Here are links to five further advice articles I’ve written recently (following on from this article). From Muggle Quidditch to why to avoid unidentifiable Beijing street meats, here are some of my best insights into student life.

students studying back to back

Human benches: another ingenious way for unis to save money…


Grown-Up Student Lunches: The Bento Box

“For most, eating as a post-graduate is basically like eating in the 1970s except with more guilty Nando’s trips. With no real money for food, and no real time to cook the small amount you can afford, the average postgrad lives mostly on carbs, cheap meat and even cheaper wine. Just add huge sideburns and moustaches and you’d basically be in a kitchen sink drama circa 1974.”

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5 Weird Things You Should Try at University

“Want to get fit but don’t want to do it in front of the impossibly fit rowers at your uni gym? Want any excuse to wear neon clothing and dance to ‘Ride on Time’ at 10 in the morning? Then Clubbercise is for you. Described by its official website as an ‘easy-to-follow dance workout using flashing glow sticks set to a soundtrack of uplifting club anthems from the 90?s’, it seems just about ridiculous enough to be the most fun ever, especially as most of the classes take place in real clubs with real disco lights (although presumably less Jagerbombs than the average night out clubbing).”

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University quidditch. No funny caption can be more hilarious than the concept itself. Image by Renaud Ben Lakhal / BXL

Set Up a Postgrad Work Gambling Group

“Before you go out on a criminal rampage, jamming your supervisor’s head into a car door until they give you the grade you want, we are not advocating violence here (unless, that is, you relish the prospect of Vinnie Jones hunting you down with an antique rifle). Instead, we are taking a Pelican Brief (leaf) out of the Captain Cook (book) of cockney criminals everywhere and starting a gambling ring. However, this is less ‘goin down the ‘orses’ than focusing on your courses (I promise I’m done with rhyming things now.)”
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5 Cheap and Healthy Foods for When You’re Broke

“Rather than just the dip you buy for your Kettle Chips when you want to inject a little class into watching Netflix in your pants of an evening, humble humous is actually as healthy as it is easy to make. It’s protein rich and offers a number of crucial vitamins and minerals. This is especially true of the homemade type, which not only removes all of the preservatives of the supermarket kind but also can be made by the bucket load using four very cheap ingredients (chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, salt) and one mid range one (tahini, a sesame paste). Eat it with vegetable crudites and forever shock the parents who think you’re living on takeout from knockoff KFCs.”

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Studying Abroad: 10 Things to do in your new country

They’re called acquired tastes for a reason: you have to acquire them! To really get a taste of a city’s cuisine, try ordering something unfamiliar from a menu, or something that features ingredients you didn’t know existed. Admittedly, this will sometimes lead to you as it led me to eating an unidentified meat in a Beijing backstreet, but it can also lead to some seriously delicious food.

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More postgraduate advice coming soon. Until then, subscribe to Samuel Spencer Writes whydontcha. And check out more of my occasionally insightful work for Postgrad Solutions on their blog.


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