This is our weekly series showing you everything we’re working on here at Samuel Spencer Writes.

Ash, 'Astronaut Cosmonaut', Kreuzberg Quarter, Berlin | © Solanas/WikiCommons

Ash, ‘Astronaut Cosmonaut’, Kreuzberg Quarter, Berlin | © Solanas/WikiCommons

Spring is nearly here, a wonderful time when freelancers everywhere huddle in the tiny bits of London parks where you can get wi-fi signal, gleefully happy to be away from the dingy kitchens where we do most of our writing. Until then, however, here is what I’ve been writing this week, huddled in the little bit of my kitchen that gets sunlight and eating through a batch of homemade mushroom pasties that after my sixth I realised I probably made too many of.

Published This Week

Coming Soon

  • 5 further (I’m running out of comparitive adjectives already…) advice articles for postgraduate students for the blog at Postgrad.com, covering how to balance your PhD with a relationship, how to deal with homesickness if you study abroad, and, of course, how to fund your degree through writing poems for people too lazy to be romantic. Expect those over the course of the next few weeks.
  • I don my  ’00s nostalgia hat (it’s a Von Dutch trucker cap FYI) for the guys at Walloh and look at why Spotify has spoilt music fans, and why sometimes listening to less music is more. Release date for that TBC

Culture of the Week

  • The Cucumber series finale, Channel 4, Thursday. Although many started with reservations about Russell T. Davies’ latest gay drama, anyone who saw the stunning episode 6 (maybe the best 30 minutes of television I have ever seen) has been hooked ever since. The finale was more slowly downbeat than many were expecting (especially for the last ever episode) but really rewards rewatching.

  • The release of Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’, Monday. Although the album will probably be best remembered for the leaks and the falls that briefly made the Queen of Pop seem more like its unwilling jester, there are some great songs on the album, including ‘Ghosttown’, a balad right up there with her finest moments. At the very least, there are A LOT of songs on Rebel Heart.

  • RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7, episode 2, Logo TV, Monday. Any episode of RPDR is a cultural highlight, but this one was right up there with the finest challenges. The main challenge is an insane play on airline safety videos that has convinced me that all cabin crew should have to be drag queens – one airplane additional charge I wouldn’t mind paying…

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