Our printing is in 3D, our information is just a click away, and our phones are full of pictures of our genitals — we truly live in an age of technological wonderment. And with these leaps into a brave new future the music we have access to gets wider and wider. On the internet, no record is ever cancelled and impossible to come by, any song we hear anywhere can be instantly named by Shazam and, rising above them all like the monolith from 2001 if it had been full of odd piano covers is Spotify.

Since it was released in 2006, Spotify has completely transformed the way we listen to music. In the past, a conversation about a new band with a friend who’s cooler than you had to be mostly carried out by you nodding and pretending you knew everything there was to know about Finnish 8-bit doom pop. Now, a simple Spotify search can bring up their entire discography for your listening (dis)pleasure.

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