This is our weekly series showing you everything we’re working on here at Samuel Spencer Writes.

Emin-My-BedIt’s a great time to be a culture writer. Labels have started to release their contenders for major summer tunes, studios are releasing the films too cool and weird to be released in summer, and our hibernation is over, meaning we can make our way out of the hypothetical Blue Peter box and work outside on patios and pretend we live in Florence rather than the skag end of Wandsworth. As I fight off my fellow writers for the last berry frappuccino at the Starbucks counter, here’s this week’s highlights from this blog and beyond.

Published This Week

  • The second in my series on Grindr, in which I get very drunk in the name of authentic journalism and flirt inappropriately with some gross men. Read it here >>
  • This week, Tracey Emin’s controversial piece ‘My Bed’ has returned to the Tate Britain after 15 years. Is it still as shocking as ever? Find out here >>
    • This article was also republished by Indigo Memoirs, a great London start-up well worth checking out, especially if you’re in the mood for commenting and telling them you want to read more of my stuff and want them to pay me for it…. Do that here >>

Coming Soon

  • Sex in sculpture and buildings shaped like giant atoms over at The Culture Trip as I look at sexually explicit art and the most iconic building you haven’t heard about.
  • I try to get over my innate fear of dentists for a profile on careers in dentistry over at Postgrad.com

Tweets of the Week


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