Budgeting and accommodation: perhaps the two biggest worries of any postgraduate student. Luckily, as part of my work as a staff writer for Postgrad.com, I have provided articles detailing everything you need to know about these saving your money and how to find housing for Telegraph Courses.

I have also written the essential guide for anyone looking to take an MBA, which you can also find below.

Budgeting Tips

When asked the main reason why people do not continue their studies once they graduate, worries about how they would pay for it is amongst the first answer given. This is understandable, with the tuition fees for the degrees themselves slowly creeping up and past the £10,000 a year mark, lab-based degrees often costing £12,000-£15,000, and a two-year MBA costing the equivalent of a deposit on a house! Even after the postgraduate loans announced in the 2014 budget come into force, paying for accommodation, resources and living costs is still a big ask. However, have hope potential postgrads; with some financial planning and some budgeting, it is definitely achievable. Let us give you some ideas as to how.

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Accommodation Advice

In most ways starting a postgraduate degree feels like an exciting new step into your bright future. However, that does not mean that you will not have to deal with some of the same tedious things you had to deal with as an undergraduate. You will still have to spend some of your time at awkward faculty mixers, you will still have to worry about your finances and, perhaps most tediously of all, you will have to find accommodation again. Although this process is always going to be a little stressful, learn about your options (some familiar, some new) here and make it as pain-free as possible.

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MBA Guide

An MBA, or Masters in Business Administration, is a postgraduate degree designed to develop and improve your skills in management and business. Although many of the people who choose to take an MBA are business-owners or entrepreneurs, they are becoming increasingly essential in all fields that involve a management structure, be it private or public sector, healthcare or hospitality. MBAs are now, aptly, big business. 2,500 programs are offered around the world, with nearly 50 universities and business schools offering them in the UK. Which one to choose very much depends on what you want to get out of it at the end, so let this guide take you through your options, as well as going into more detail about whether an MBA is right for you.

Read more at the Telegraph Courses website

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