Kennedy Davenport does Little Richard on the Snatch Game, RuPaul’s Drag Race


The Snatch Game, where the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race have to do their best celebrity impersonations, is usually the best part of the best reality TV show. The best ones – Alaska as Lady Bunny, Adore Delano’s Anna Nicole and of course Chad Michael’s almighty Cher, are the stuff of legend. None of these, however, are in the same league as Kennedy Davenport’s Little Richard. Playing a male character on a drag queen show was risky, by Kennedy pulled it off with every high note, sexual innuendo and enough lipgloss to keep MAC in business for decades. All together now… *HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE….SHUTUP!*


Abbie becomes Val, Broad City


2015 was the year that Broad City went from the best hangout comedy to the best TV comedy period, and it did it by constantly surprising its audience. From the episode that brought pegging to the national consciousness to Abbie’s novacane-induced psychosis (in the same episode as Jaime’s frozen yoghurt breakdown), almost any Broad City moment could be considered the best of the year. The best of the best, however, has to be Abbie’s drunken conversion into Val, a Judy Garland meets Nina Simone torch singer. Ilana looks on in open-mouthed glee, and so did all of  the show’s viewers.


Lance’s Death, Cucumber


Watching Cucumber with a friend became somewhat of a ritual for me in February, and at the end of the episode featuring Lance’s death something amazing happened. We were usually notorious for snarking over the top of whatever we were watching, but as the credits ran there was total silence for two whole minutes. Watching Lance’s hook-up with the psychotically repressed Daniel go lethally wrong over the sound of a forgotten Eurovision hit, we were awestruck by the stunning editing and acting, but most of all we were stunned at Russell T Davies understanding our biggest secret fears as gay men, matching the insight of his seminal Queer as Folk

(British readers can see the whole episode on 4OD here)


We Didn’t Start the Fire, Parks and Recreation


2015 saw us saying goodbye to one of the best sitcoms of the decade, with Leslie, Ron and Andy moving on to bigger, and in one case tediously dinosaur-shaped, things. Although looking back on the final series it looks more like fan service than anything else, it still had moments that showed why the show was such a cult success. Although Werner Herzog’s cameo as a real estate agent was genius, it would be wrong on such a cast-driven show not to choose a regular cast moment, especially when that moment sees a drunken Leslie Knope and Ron in full Duke Silver mode doing ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’. The crowning moment on the best episode of the series.


The Doctor; Tank Surfing Superstar, Doctor Who


After a season that didn’t seem to know what to do with Peter Capaldi’s older, moodier Doctor, the series came back this year rolling like a tank from classic episode to classic episode. And also sometimes literally rolling on a tank, playing the electric guitar. Like a member of Muse, but not an arsehole. This was the new Doctor’s first big statement, and with the season finale at the end of this week, he hasn’t looked back since.


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