I am a London-based freelance writer looking at lowbrow culture in a highbrow way and vice versa. My work has appeared in NME and on the websites of The Telegraph, Penguin Books, and IdeasTap.

My main interests are in art, film and music, and the complex and fascinating places where they meet. What I love writing about most are these intersection, between the various branches of culture and best their very best and very worst examples. Like the extended Pulp Fiction pastiche in the middle of the Spice Girls movie, my work makes unexpected connections between moments of triumph and trash in culture, whilst also finding plenty of time for jokes and weapons-grade snark.

Currently, I am looking for a writing position in the culture sphere that will allow me to follow my interests whilst also introducing me to new ones and allowing my work to reach millions of people every day. People just like yourself, that I can inform, entertain, and make watch sections from Spice World

To contact Samuel, either fill in the form below, follow him on Twitter @s_spencerwrites, or email him at samuelspencerwrites@gmail.com


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